Prepare your business for extreme weather events and natural disasters

We have all seen the recent extreme weather events all over the country. But have you ever thought about how it could affect your business?

Adapting to and planning for extreme weather events might not be front of mind for a small business; many don’t have sufficient staff, the resources, or time to take a proactive approach, but it’s quickly becoming a necessity.

This fact sheet outlines the benefits of planning for extreme weather events and provides helpful tools to get you started to protect your business.

Climate risks and extreme weather events

Extreme weather events can impact us in our personal lives but also our businesses. It’s important to be aware of how these extreme events might affect your business. Things to consider are:

•   Physical impacts to buildings from extreme weather events

•   Impacts to staff and customers e.g., inability to travel to work

•   Supply chain and market disruption

•   Changing pricing of insurance and finance

•   Changing demand from customers, or loss of customers

•   Lost sales or revenue

Making a Plan

Identifying risk management options is a significant step in the adaptation process. This involves looking at what your business is doing to manage the impacts of natural disasters and extreme weather events right now and investigating whether any changes are needed to address future risks.

Crafting a risk management plan can help aid recovery post-event, which assists in:

•    Reducing damage costs

•    Reductions in insurance premiums

•    Increasing revenue e.g. by strategically selecting warehouse locations to avoid hazards

•    Bolstering competitive advantage

•    Better continuity - ability to meet customer demands whilst minimising the degree of extreme weather-related disruption

•    Demostrating to customers and shareholders that the impacts of extreme weather events are being managed which boosts confidence and trust in your business

Be future proof

There are a number of tools out to help future proof your business against natural disasters such as extreme weather events. Why not start today with one of the below?

•   Complete a rapid climate change risk screening of your business, click here

•   Submit a risk assessment and develop an action plan for your business, click here

•   See a worked example of how to use these checklists, click here

Begin today

It might feel like a daunting task, but it’s becoming more and more necessary. Use this fact sheet and take the steps towards protecting your business from the effects of extreme weather events which are made worse by the processes of climate change.