Climate Risk Transparency

Risk transparency is one of those important issues that we’ve been talking a lot about. In this webinar Ann Gibbons, Environmental Sustainability Manager, and Kate McKenzie, Manager of Corporate Governance, will discuss the City of Marion Council’s approach to climate change adaptation and corporate risk management. 

Ann gibbons cropped
  • Ann has worked in an environmental role in South Australian local government for more than 18 years including the last 12 years at the City of Marion. During this time she has held a number of roles including coordination of the delivery of the climate change programs in seven metropolitan Adelaide Councils.

    In her current role at the City of Marion Ann provides leadership and advice to Council and works collaboratively across the organisation to embed environmental sustainability into corporate systems and processes. She also collaborates regionally to deliver key strategic environmental initiatives.

    She manages a team that is responsible for environmental strategic planning and policy development, environmental education, engagement and capacity building, and coordination of the City of Marion’s environmental risk management system.

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  • Kate is the Manager of Governance at the City of Marion. In this role she is responsible for leading and managing the City of Marion’s systems of:

    • Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Work Health Safety
    • Leading and Managing the City of Marion’s marketing and communications and media activities
    • Leading and managing the City of Marion’s civic events management