Decarbonising Queensland Tourism

While the natural assets of Queensland’s tourism destinations bring in visitors from around the world, they are also susceptible to increased risk from the impacts of climate change.

EarthCheck has spent decades working with travel and tourism operators to improve their sustainability and recently completed several projects for the Queensland Department of Environment & Science targeting decarbonisation of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

First working with individual resorts and then whole island communities, EarthCheck developed a Decarbonisation Framework to prioritise both mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change impacts.



Cameron Balch
  • Cameron Balch is a principal consultant with EarthCheck and has responsibilities in both the certification and consulting sides of the organization. Cameron has international experience working in government regulation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and community stakeholder engagement in the Philippines developing Marine Protected Areas.  

    Cameron oversees the implementation of EarthCheck’s Decarbonisation Framework for both corporates and local government authorities. He is also an expert in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles, holding a Level I Fundamentals of Sustainable Accounting credential from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

    Cameron is a graduate of the University of Queensland Business School, earning a Masters of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management degree. His thesis investigated the methods used to measure sustainable tourism around the world.