Dorean Erhart | Director, Climate Risk Management Specialist | Linden Climate Advisory

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  • Dorean Erhart has worked in the climate change space for years, most recently as a lead at the Local Government Association for Queensland (LGAQ) providing state and national representation on behalf of Queensland Local Governments.

    In big news, Dorean recently stepped down from her role at LGAQ and has founded her own company - Linden Climate Advisory - where she aims to support corporations and private and public organisations in their quest to become climate risk responsive.

    Dorean’s most influential work includes, the Queensland Climate Resilient Councils and QCoast2100 programs, the Reef Council Rescue Plan and the Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce (C-CAT). She has also co-authored several climate risk management guidelines and support documents for local governments.

    Get to know Dorean by checking out the below interview! 

    Q & A with Dorean