Dr Justine Bell-James | Associate Professor, The University of Queensland

Justine Bell-James
  • Dr Justine Bell-James is an Associate Professor with The University of Queensland (UQ) and completed her PhD with the Queensland University of Technology on sustainable land management in 2010. Justine currently teaches environmental and property law at UQ and researches legal mechanisms for the protection of the coast under climate change. Her past research covers a range of fields including legal, policy and insurance responses to coastal hazards and sea-level rise. A particular area of interest for Justine is how the law can facilitate ‘blue carbon’ projects in Australia and overseas.


    Justine’s current research looks more broadly at ecosystem services provided by wetlands (i.e. more than just carbon storage) and how we can protect these by law. Currently, most ecosystem services aren’t well recognised in legal frameworks, and her research is considering why this is the case.

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    Q & A with Justine