Embarking on a Journey of Embedding Climate Change into Local Government

Huon Valley Mayor Bec Enders and Manager of Environmental Services Amanda Blakney walk us through the background of Huon Valley Council, the time frame, leadership and planning that have led to the Council’s current status on climate change and the opportunities and grants that they’ve been able to take advantage of. They also talk in detail about the issues of bushfire and flooding in their region and courses of action the Council plans to take.

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  • I believe in community and its involvement in Council decisions. The challenges are to return to good governance, trust in Council and meet community expectations for our economy, environment, changes in population and industries. I bring to the position of Mayor qualifications in public sector management, planning and building. Before joining the Tasmanian Department of Justice as a Change Coordinator I worked as the Executive Officer to Hobart’s Lord Mayor. As an independent candidate I will be free of any party politics or self-interests.

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  • Amanda is currently Manager – Environmental Services at Huon Valley Council. Prior to this, she was an NRN Facilitator for Tasman Council. Renowned for its tranquillity and natural beauty, over 16,000 people call the Huon Valley home. The region is the hub of Tasmania’s fish farming industry. Aquaculture, agriculture, tourism and forestry are key economic drivers in the Huon Valley and all industries are reliant on the sustainable management of our natural resources. All this activity puts pressure on our land and waterways and, as with any human activity, can damage the environment on which we all depend. One of the Huon Valley Council’s roles is to work with residents, industries and businesses to ensure that our natural assets are managed wisely now and into the future.