The Finance of Climate Change

Ian Edwards, a Chartered Accountant with a specialised skill set in climate adaptation, discusses the relationship between the funding and financing of climate adaptation from a local government perspective. Climate adaptation is a fairly new and novel concept which the private sector is only just getting on board with. Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal of understanding out there and the private sector tends to still be profit driven. Ian explores the drivers of affordable finance and the triggers that can enable funding.

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  • Ian Edwards specialises in the socio-economic and financial implications of climate change adaptation. He is a chartered accountant with twenty years experience in national and international financial services. He has worked across a broad spectrum of the financial industry including accounting public practice, investment banking and reinsurance. His career has focused predominantly on affecting system change at a multinational scale, which has afforded him strong analytical, financial, information technology and project management skills.  Ian has worked on climate change adaptation projects both within Australia (state and local governments) and internationally (NGOS, development banks and universities). Amongst other things, research undertaken by Ian has explored the viability of risk transfer mechanisms in the face of climate risk within the context of Local Government.