Green Electricity

Watch the recap from our Green Energy Event.

Discover more about the latest renewable energy options available to reduce your environmental footprint.

Sustainable businesses are good for the reef and for your bottom line.

Olivia Brodhurst
  • Olivia Brodhurst is the Coordinator of the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub.  She facilitates projects that provide information, resources and funding to improve the Whitsunday Regional Council’s ability to mitigate, prepare for and adapt to predicted climate change.

    She has worked closely with landholders, community and industry to achieve positive outcomes to improve the resilience of the region to future natural disasters and other predicted climate extremes.

    Olivia will be framing this event by providing an overview of climate change and regional snapshot.

Daniel Sanders
  • Daniel Sanders is the Manager of Energy Market Development - Ergon Retail Wholesale Markets & Business Developments.

    He is responsible for the identification, negotiation and management of Ergon Energy Retail’s Power Purchase Agreements with predominantly renewable energy generators, as well as a team of business development staff located in Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane.

    In this presentation, Daniel will be detailing Ergon’s Clean Energy Program for residential and business customers.

Manas Choudhury
  • Manas Choudhury is the Energy Markets Manager for Edify Energy, with extensive experience in the renewable energy industry across Engineering, Energy Trading and Market Management roles.

    His focus is to help give life to more complex electricity contracting structures designed to face into the emerging risks in the National Electricity Market today. These include negative prices, transmission constraints and the replacement of traditional thermal generation sources with variable renewable energy and storage.

    In his presentation, Manus will be covering the Whitsunday Solar Farm and Power Purchase Agreements.

Kon Flaherty
  • Kon Flaherty is the Director of Green Energy Technologies which he established in 2010.

    Green Technologies have now installed over 10,000 solar systems throughout QLD and Kon is looking forward to taking Queenslanders on the journey to the renewable energy future.

    In this presentation, Kon will be providing the business case for solar in the home and business.