Plans, Policies and Reports

The International Panel of Climate Change produces detailed assessment reports on climate change, its causes, potential impacts and response options.

The below plans, policies and reports are specific to the Whitsunday Region:

  • This policy aims to guide the Whitsunday Regional Council’s response to the effects of climate change. The policy states that Council will address the core elements outlined within the Whitsunday Regional Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The Council will implement initiatives that strive to improve the Whitsunday Regional Council community’s resilience towards climate change as well as maximising opportunities to consult on issues and changes. Read more here.

  • This strategy is designed to guide the Whitsunday Regional Council’s response to the effects of climate change. The strategy aims to empower resilience, support mainstream adaptation and to identify opportunities within the Whitsunday region. Read the full strategy here.

  • This policy has been created to guide the Whitsunday Council’s focus on key priority mitigation actions. The policy aims to align Council climate change mitigation objectives with international, Federal and State Government targets as well as ensuring that Council continues to deliver effective and affordable services while achieving greenhouse gas emission targets. Find out more here.


    The Whitsunday Regional Council’s Climate Change Mitigation Strategy has been developed to understand, and significantly reduce, Council’s greenhouse gas emissions therefore contributing to slowing the rate of global warming. Read the full report here.

  • This plan was developed with support from the Australian Government’s NRM Planning for Climate Change fund. The plan identifies the most recent rainfall, temperature, sea level rise and other climatic change projections, it looks at likely impacts and potential adaptation opportunities associated with climate change and, more specifically, it considers issues around the availability of freshwater, sustainability of industries, maintenance of healthy communities and management of invasive species. Read the full plan here.

  • Find out why a Report Card is produced, how it works and where it fits in amongst other Great Barrier Reef reporting: