Our Team

The Hub offers a link between researchers, stakeholders, council and community.  Our team works closely with members of the Whitsunday Regional Council in areas such as Economic Development and the Coastal Council's Adaptation Taskforce (C-CAT) to ensure our approach to climate change aligns with our priorities as a region.

  • Olivia Brodhurst is the Coordinator of the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub.  She facilitates projects that provide information, resources and funding to improve the Whitsunday Regional Council's ability to mitigate, prepare for and adapt to predicted climate change.

    Olivia is an Environmental Scientist with over 13 years experience including climate change vulnerability assessments, adaptation planning and carbon mitigation projects. She has worked around Australia and overseas on projects ranging from the outback to the reef. She has worked closely with landholders, community and industry to achieve positive outcomes to improve the resilience of the region to future natural disasters and other predicted climate extremes. Olivia is a connector. She has experience working in all levels of Government and in the private sector.

    "Working at the Climate Hub is incredibly interesting, our projects cover a wide range of topics. I love seeing the light bulb moments when connections are made and solutions become achievable"

Lee Hawkins
  • Lee Hawkins is the Climate Change Resilience Officer of the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub. She is currently guiding the Whitsundays "Healthy Heart” Project, liaising with industry, council and certification providers, coordinating workshops and events and identifying barriers to decarbonisation.

    Lee is an Earth Scientist with extensive experience in the tourism and education sectors, small business and local government. She has been a member of the Whitsunday community for over 25 years and is keen to foster local collaboration and support to drive and facilitate greener, more sustainable business practices in the Whitsundays tourism sector.

Caitlin Ziviani
  • Caitlin is the Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce (C-CAT) Officer, hosted at the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub. Trained as an Environmental Scientist, Caitlin has worked in Local Government and in the construction industry as an Environmental Education Officer and as an Environmental Advisor, working throughout Australia on brown and green field sites. Currently, she is studying her Master's in Science (Climate Science) and has a keen interest in bridging critical knowledge gaps that hinder climate risk planning now and into the future.

    Her role at the Hub is to coordinate and support the day-to-day implementation of the Coastal Councils Adaptation Taskforce's Action Plan. The C-CAT is an alliance of Queensland local councils, which through collaboration and engagement, aims to collectively improve the resilience of their communities to changing coastal conditions.