How will Climate Change Impact Australia's Future?

“Climate change will see Australia experiencing warmer temperatures, changes in rainfall, rising sea levels and more acidic ocean waters in the future”

Let's break it down:

  • Temperatures are already rising 1 degree per year. 
  •  A high greenhouse gas concentration scenario (RCP8.5) will see increased temperatures in Australia of between 2.8 and 5.1°C by 2090.
  • Rainfall amounts are expected to decrease across southern Australia accompanied by drought.
  • Current, sea levels are rising approx 1cm per year
  • Globally sea levels are expected to increase by 45 to 82cm by 2090
  • High sea level events will occur more frequently bringing more flooding and erosion to coastal areas.
  • Oceans around Australia are becoming more acidic as the oceans absorb CO2 released by human activity.

What does the future of Queensland look like?

We are working to minimise potential future impacts to our state and region. Changes we (The Hub & State Government) are tasked with managing are:

  • Higher temperatures
  • More frequent hot days
  • Harsher fire weather
  • Reduced rainfall in the south-east
  • More intense downpours
  • Less frequent, but more intense tropical cyclones in the north
  • Rising sea level 
  • More frequent sea-level extremes
  • Warmer and more acidic seas

Positively, the Queensland Government is working with stakeholders to address the risks climate change presents to our economy, environment, infrastructure and communities. And we can all do our bit to slow the rate of change! See how you can reduce your carbon footprint.